Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have these amazing sister in laws who have blown the traditional tea party they enjoyed with their grandmother since they were young girls, into a giant themed party every year for the cousins. And although they weren't convinced the Western theme would be good enough to follow the outlandish Hollywood party they threw the previous year, they couldn't have planned a more perfect party for a 7 year old girl who truly needed it.

 I'm grateful for them, for their love of family, and all the time, effort, and  planning spent to create a day filled with fun for my little crew, especially my horse riding, western wearing, pretend barrel racing, cowgirl obsessed girl, who quite possibly was born in the wrong century.

Minus a few mama lectures to my kids about being good sports, I adored this entire day.
And in the midst of all the fun, laughter and love we felt for each other together creating grand memories at Grandma's house, 

I realized we achieved something,
something immeasurable.

Our own little slice of heaven.

Barrel Racin'


Ropin' with Grandpa


Relay racin'

Little Wranglers





Scavenger Hunt


This post is dedicated to my friend, and sister in law too, Mikkel.

Someone says, "Western themed tea party," and we don't mess around!

She's the fastest, stick horse barrel racer this side of the Mississippi and the most fun, party planning, selfless, sacrificing girl around.

I love ya.
From mikkel